Confluence of Communities

Baolis in India, echoing the whispers of ancient waters, descending into the depths of history.

Keynote Speaker

Abu Sayeed M Ahmed (Bangladesh)

Dean of the School of Environmental Science and Design & Head of the Department of Architecture in University of Asia Pacific


Steps & Stories: Living Narratives of Stepwells

Writer & Art Historian

A. Mridul Architect

American Institute of Indian Studies

Author & Historian

Academician & Author

Conservation Architect

Art Historian & Art Critic

Material Immaterial Studio

The Punch Magazine

Cultural Diplomacy & the Role of Biennales (Presented by Avid Learning)

Ambassador of Italy to India

Ministry of Culture

Kiran Nadar Museum of Art

Poet & Curator

Avid Learning

Fantasy Architecture (Presented by Avid Learning)

Sir JJ College of Architecture


Stepwells of India

Research publication on architectural elements and evolution of baolis in India

Research by Dr. Madhura Yadav, Manipal University, Jaipur and Shikha Jain, DRONAH

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